Veligrad is situated in the western part of the Chepino valley in proximity to the unofficial division line between the mountains Western Rhodope and Rila between latitude 42o 03’ N and longitude 23o 55’ E. The town is at 750 to 800 m above see level. The terrain is typical for the Rodopi mountain – steep slopes surrounding the Chepino river bed.

The nature has been extremely generous towards Velingrad endowing the town with beautiful pine forests, abundance of mineral water and the greatest karst spring in Bulgaria – “Kleptuza”.

The geographical location of Velingrad is responsible for its specific climate – transitional continental climate with Mediterranean influence. The average annual temperature of the air is 9.3oC, the average temperature of the air for January is 1.8oC and the average temperature of the air for July is 18.7oC. The amount of rainfall is relatively small as the maximum is in June. The most characteristic feature of the microclimate is the long periods of sun shining during the entire year. Velingrand and the surrounding region is one of the quietest places in Bulgaria with average winds of 1 m/sec. Typical for the area is the night breeze that brings down the cool air from the mountain slopes and makes the nights pleasantly fresh.