Mineral waters

The curative mineral waters are the reason for the large number of baths, pools, beaches, balneological sanatoriums and SPA- hotels built in the town.

The curative properties of the mineral waters have been known since the antiquity. The Romans once had built baths, as it can be seen by the remains found of ancient reservoirs and conduit pipes for mineral water.

Velingrad boast for having the most various and abundant mineral waters in Bulgaria.

The richest and best researched hydrothermal deposits are located in the area as the discharge amounts to around 160-170 l/sec. The total number of mineral springs is approximately 80 and the temperature of the water varies: in the district of Chepino – 42-43 oC, in Ladzhene – 28-63 oC, in Kamenitsa – 84-88 oC and in the village of Draginovo - 94 oC.